"Mandy helped me completely transform my health and weight." My doctor threatened to put me on cholesterol meds. My numbers were all within normal ranges within the first six months. No more blood pressure meds after years of taking them. I went from a size 10 to a size 4, lost over 10 inches and gained confidence. I am doing things now that I never thought I could do. The lifestyle changes with food made all the difference!"


"I've lost 9 pounds in a little under 2 weeks. Happy Friday dance."


"Loved this workout!!!! And I did all four circuits and some extras. I had so much fun!! Thanks"


"So excited... I lost 5 pounds this week. I have been more active this week than I have this past year put together."


"After being told that I had to have knee surgery, and not wanting to go that route yet, I began working with Mandy. I cannot believe what all I can do now. She worked around my injury and helped me build up the muscles around my injury. Still no surgery but I am back to working out multiple times a week, walking and no longer need my brace. She is amazing."


"Mandy walks the walk and talks the talk. She inspires me to be healthy. I want to be like her and taking no meds of any kind and be strong and healthy at every age!"